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36 Colors PU Heat Transfer Vinyl 10″ x 12″ Sheet Easy To Weed and Cut




1. High-quality PU materials
2.  Cold strip
3. Hot stamping temp.: 275-293 ℉ (135-145℃)
4. Color: 36 Colors
5.Easy To Cut
6.Easy To Weed
7.Easy To Transfer
8.Machine Wash
9.Great Stickiness
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36 Colors PU Heat Transfer Vinyl 10″ x 12″ Sheet Easy To Weed and Cut

Product Description

  PU heat transfer vinyl has a layer of PET tape adhesive protection transfer film, which is convenient for heat transfer to clothes.It can be cut by laser machine or carved by manual cutter, and then the finished pattern can be heat-transferred to print Numbers, ICONS, design signs, etc.  on the clothes by heat press machine. It touches softly. The features are strong viscosity, long life, water-resistant and strong tensile force. It is specially used for designing on sports T-shirt and other clothing fabrics.

Easy To Weed

There are 45 colors to choose from, please refer to the actual color of the product

Have good tensile strength


1.High-quality PU materials

2. PET protective film has a transparent, thick, high-temperature resistant adhesive base, which can keep the cutting image in an appropriate position for easy transfer.

3. It can be used for any type of fabric, including pure cotton, polyester, or a combination of cotton and polyester.It is very durable, korah god, fast washing speed, can extend the service life of clothing.

4.Cold strip

5. Application: clothing trademark printing, personalized T-shirts, personalized hats, advertising shirts, handbags, bags, electronic products and other fabric products.

How to use it:

1. Design patterns on a computer.

2. Use a vinyl  cutter to cut this pattern (note: cut on the main film, not the transparent PET protective film)

3. Tear off the excess part of the main membrane and keep the part of the pattern needed.

4. Place patterned clothing flat on the press.

5. You can use a hot press or an iron for heat transfer.(It is recommended to adjust the temperature accurately and the pressure evenly before using the hot press)

6. When the temperature drops, cold peel off the transparent PET protective film, and then finish heat transfer printing.

Technical Details

Vinyl thickness 0.003937 in (0.1mm)
Hot stamping time 12-15s
Hot stamping temp. 275-293 ℉ (135-145℃)
Color 36 Colors
Pressure 4-6kg
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