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Warranty and Return Policy



1. This Warranty Policy supersedes all previous warranties. and the manufacturers who sell product through our Platform (the “Manufacturer(s)”) reserve the right to make design changes, additions to, and improvements upon any products without incurring any obligation to incorporate same on any products previously manufactured. In the event that any provision of this Warranty should be, or become, invalid and/or unenforceable, the remaining terms and provisions here of shall continue in full force and effect. In the event that and the Manufacturer negotiate, with respect to any particular product purchased from Manufacturer, a replacement, performance, compromise or settlement not consistent with this Warranty, such action of Manufacturer shall not be deemed a waiver or expansion of this Warranty and this Warranty Policy shall remain in full force and effect as written with respect to any other product, whether of this type or kind. No party in any way affiliated with Manufacturer is authorized to amend or vary the terms of this Warranty.




2. and the Manufacturer warrant to the “Original Purchaser,” and to no others, all products sold to be free from faulty workmanship and defects in materials for a period of one Year from the date of product delivered, subject to terms and conditions expressed herein. For purposes of this Warranty, “Original Purchaser” shall mean that person, business entity, association, or corporation whose name shall appear as purchaser on the original invoice. The rights and obligations under this Warranty may be assigned by the Original Purchaser only by written authorization of and the Manufacturer.




3. Such Warranty shall not apply unless the product has become defective under normal use and service and has not been subjected to accident, abuse, misuse, vandalism, fire, or neglect or damage resulting from improper voltage, inadequate wiring or Act of God. Alterations or failure to follow operating and installation instructions shall automatically void this Warranty. Any claim made pursuant to this Warranty shall be conditioned upon and the Manufacturer’s inspection of the product upon which the claim is made.




4. Should any failure to conform to the foregoing Warranty appear within the period described above, and the Manufacturer shall, at its option, upon prompt notice of such non-conformity and confirmation that the goods have been properly stored, installed, operated, and maintained, correct the non-conformity either by assisting with repair of any defective goods or by shipping replacement goods.




5. Products repaired or replaced pursuant to this Warranty shall be warranted for the unexpired portion of the Warranty applying to the original product. Any technical advice furnished before or after delivery in regard to the use or application of products is furnished without charge and on the basis that it represents’s and the Manufacturer’s best judgement under the circumstances, but that it is used at the recipient’s sole risk.




6. The product, or parts thereof, subject to this Warranty must not be returned without prior authorization from there of and the Manufacturer and all returns must conform to the In-Warranty Return Procedure hereinafter provided.




7. and its Manufacturer will not cover, and this Warranty expressly does not include, any repair, replacement, analysis or other expense for parts or services furnished on any equipment not manufactured by Manufacturer unless specifically authorized in writing by and the Manufacturer. Any components subsequently attached or affixed to the equipment will not be covered by the warranty, even if the Manufacturer has expressly accommodated the equipment to cover said installation or attachment. Any components subsequently attached must be approved components previously tested by and the Manufacturer or installation will void the warranty to the entire unit. This Warranty does not include any minor adjustments or preparation associated with making the equipment operational after receipt of shipment.




8. Before using the product, purchaser shall determine the suitability of the product for his intended use. To the extent allowed by law, this warranty is expressly in lieu of all other warranties, expressed or implied, including any implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. and its manufacturer make no warranty of any kind, either express or implied, to “consumers” as that term is defined in sec. 101 of public law 93-637, the magnuson-moss warranty- federal trade commission provement act. If repair or replacement of component is rendered illegal because of subsequent law changes, and the Manufacturer will have no responsibility for procuring replacement products if doing so would be commercially impractical, e.g. replacement refrigeration gas if the current product is no longer legal.




9. It is expressly provided that there is no warranty either express or implied that all components will remain available for the life of the equipment and that if any federal, state or local laws or regulations prohibit the sale of any components, all obligations for replacement hereunder are terminated.




10. If prior to the return of an item, you would like to attempt a product diagnosis or repair, you have the option of contacting for assistance via telephone, e-mail or other modes of communication. In the event that you request such assistance from and are provided with any information or assistance from, you agree that any attempt to self-diagnose or selfrepair any product purchased through, whether with off-site assistance from or not, shall be performed at your own risk. will have no liability, responsibility, or obligation for any misdiagnosis, failure to repair, equipment or product breakage, or other related damages, whether such damages directly or indirectly arise from any information or assistance provided by will also have no liability in the event of an injury or death resulting in self repair, whether guided or otherwise.




11. All product sold by that require customer modifications or auxiliary equipment additions are the sole responsibilities of the customer. is not liable for costs of additional modifications or auxiliary equipment, any damage to the product arising from the modifications or addition to the product, or for any losses to persons or property arising from the modification or addition to the product by the Customer.






In-Warranty Return


All products or parts therefrom, may be returned only upon prior authorization from and the Manufacturer. For all products shipped to Canada, Mexico, non-contiguous states such as Alaska, Hawaii, Guam, and Puerto Rico, return is not allowed. Prior to returning any product, you must speak with a Returns Specialist at to receive a Return Authorization (RA). The customer may contact us via e-mail at or call (855)519-8858 for Returns.






Return Policy for Products Shipped Directly from Manufacturer




1. Return policies vary and are determined by the Manufacturer, including timeframes in which a return is accepted. If you have concerns regarding the specific return policy for a product, please contact us directly to get more detailed information.




2. Typically, the product must be unused or defective to be eligible for return or exchange (shipping fees may be assessed to the customer, depending on the manufacturer). Damage due to shipping is not common, but if it occurs, the manufacturer will follow their specific policy to resolve the situation, which can vary from service/repair, shipping of replacement parts, and/or discounts to keep the damaged products.




3. Products shipped directly from the Manufacturer may be subject to a restocking fee and return shipping fee.




4. Products shipped directly from the Manufacturer require Return Authorization from and the Manufacturer and are not to be returned directly to Returned products must be returned to the Manufacturer only




5. It is the customer’s responsibility to palletize/crate, strap, wrap, and/or box their product(s) for return shipment and pay any associated fees.






Return Policy for Internationally Consigned Products from






A product may be returned for refund or exchange within fourteen (14) calendar days from the date it was delivered.






1. No longer needed


The customer may return an item to for a refund within 14 days from delivery if the item is unopened / unused and in original condition. If the returned product is unopened/unused with original condition, the total cost of the product including taxes will be refunded. However, charges a 20% restocking fee and return shipping fee and there is no refund on the original shipping fee. If the returned product has been opened/used, we will inspect the returned product and charge for any damage found.


If the customer ordered a wrong product and would like to exchange for a different product, the customer will need to place a separate order for the new product.




2. Shipment Delays provides the customer with a delivery estimate at the time of purchase but contracts with third-party carriers and as such cannot guarantee a delivery date. Customers can cancel an order and receive a full refund prior to the order being shipped. After the order has shipped, the customer may return the item within 14 days and will refund the total cost of the order including taxes but excluding shipping fees. The customer will be responsible for a 20% restocking fee and return shipping charges.




3. Received Damaged


When the shipment arrives, please check for any damage or missing items right away. If the damage is unacceptable, please refuse the delivery and ask the carrier to send the shipment back. If the damage is acceptable, please notate any problems on the delivery receipt when applicable and keep a copy of the delivery receipt for you records. If the problem is not notated on the delivery receipt, we cannot guarantee any compensation for damaged or missing items. By signing the delivery receipt, the signer is stating that they have received the shipment in acceptable condition. If you find out there are missing items or the product is damaged after you receive the shipment, you must report damage or missing items to within 5 business days after receiving. In all cases, please take a picture or video showing the damage and send to RMA specialist. Once the damage is confirmed, we will send you the replacement. After this 5-day period, will not be responsible for any reported shipping damages or missing items. cannot accept responsibility for damage incurred after the customer has signed for delivered products and does not report within 5 business days.


Once the damage is confirmed by, the customer can choose to have the product repaired or return it for a replacement product at no extra cost. will have our own technical support team provide repair service. If the customer would like to repair the product through a third-party service provider, the customer must have authorization from first.




4. Wrong Product Received


If the customer believes they received the wrong product, please do not open/use the product and contact customer service immediately and provide the TPIN number and picture of the product. If confirms the wrong product was shipped to the customer, the customer should send the product back to with the shipping label provided by Once the returned product is received, will send the correct product to the customer at no extra cost.




5. Incorrect Quantity of Product Received


If the customer received the incorrect quantity of the product, please contact and provide the TPIN and picture of the product and quantity of the product received. If confirms the quantity of the product shipped to the customer is incorrect, will send the missing product to the customer at no extra cost.




6. Missing Parts


When the customer receives the product, please make sure all the components and parts on the packing list come with the shipment. If there is a discrepancy, please contact and provide the packing missing parts. will send the missing parts to the customer at no extra cost.




7. Defective Product


If the product is not working properly, please contact customer service for technical support. If determines that the product is defective and not able to be repaired, the customer can choose to receive a replacement for free or return the product and be fully refunded.


In the event that receives a product that the customer claims is defective and we confirm the defect upon our receipt of the product, we will refund the full product cost and, at the election of the customer, repair and/or replace the product, so long as the returned product’s defect is not the result of misuse, customer modification/alterations, or use other than as intended. Repairs or replacements may include new or refurbished replacement parts, at our discretion, but the Warranty will remain valid. Refunds, repair, and replacements will occur within a timeframe to be determined by in its sole discretion. Restocking fees will not apply to defective products returned within the14-day return period.


If we determine, in our sole discretion, that the returned product is not defective, then we will refund the full cost of the product but, in our sole discretion, reserve the right to charge for any return shipping costs we have incurred and a 20% restocking fee.


A refurbished product can only be returned for refund within fourteen (14) calendar days from the date it was delivered and only if the product was damaged in shipping or is not operable.  Refurbished items may display cosmetic imperfections and cannot be returned for cosmetic damage.  Exchange of a refurbished product is not allowed.   




Return Procedure




All products or parts therefrom, may be returned only upon prior authorization from and its Manufacturer. Prior to returning any product, you must speak with a Returns Specialist at to receive a Return Authorization (RA). The customer may contact us via e-mail at or call (855)519-8858 for Returns.  A Return Authorization is valid for 14 days from the date of issuance.  If a customer has been issued a return shipping label in connection with their RA, reserves the right to cancel the shipping label after 14 days.




Do not return the product without a RA confirmation from Any packages received without a RA will be refused and returned to the customer at customer's expense. All packages being returned must include printed-out RA confirmation Email from and have the RA# written on the outside of the shipment package.




It is the customer’s responsibility to palletize/crate, strap, wrap, and/or box their product(s) for return shipment and pay any associated fees. The customer must re-crate/box/palletize returned products and all returned products must be accompanied with its original packaging, and include all accessories, components/parts, and documentation. Not returning all accessories or components, will result in a fee, to be determined by at their sole discretion, which shall be equal to the value of the missing components of the returned item, including without limitation, including liquids, such as oils and lubricants, fasteners, and bearings. Customers must clean and/or remove materials used on returned products. in its sole discretion may refuse to accept returned items that have not been cleaned by Customer prior to return, or charge a fee for cleaning and/or removal of materials that may have been used on or in the returned item. Fees for missing components and cleaning or removal of materials from returned items will be deducted from any refund due to customer. When returning a product that may leak during transit, customers are responsible to ensure proper packaging and sealing to avoid any spill that may affect any other parts.




All products returned, where shipping is the responsibility of the customer, must be shipped by the customer via customer's preferred shipping method; however, can provide shipping services at the customer’s expense. We recommend using the most economical shipping method that can provide proof of delivery to confirm receipt on our end. is not responsible for returned products lost in transit. We recommend adding tracking to your return to confirm receipt. Retain all tracking information as it will be used in the event that your package never reaches us.




Once the returned product arrives at our warehouse, it will be inspected and weighed as part of our return procedure. Products that have been modified, altered, tampered with, or misused in any way may result in partial refund or refund denial. Products that are claimed faulty during the return process and are found to be fully operational during our inspection may result in refund denial and may be sent back to the customer at customer's expense.




After we received the returned product, it will normally take between 1-2 weeks for the refund to be issued. When completed, an email will be automatically sent to you with the refund amount and refund ID. Typically, refunds will be paid to your original form of payment. For orders that have been paid for by check, money order or cash, and where customer would like a refund and is qualified for a refund per the terms of this Return Policy, will issue a check for the refund to the Customer.