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2.28″ Red Button Maker Machine With Acrylic Cutter 500PCS Buttons

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1. 2.28-inch button maker machine

2. simple, convenient and affordable

3. High button success rate and not easy to be damaged

4. acrylic paper cutter, easy and accurate

5. Great DIY custom for pin button

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2.28″ Red Button Maker Machine With Acrylic Cutter 500PCS Buttons

Product Description

1. This is a 2.28-inch button machine

2. This equipment is simple, convenient and affordable

3. The pressed buttons have high success rate and are not easy to be damaged

4. Creativity, education, fun and excellent gift-very suitable for DIY custom pin buttons, creating unique homemade buttons for political campaigns or advertising promotions. Personalized gifts for schools, organizations, communities, enterprises, craftsmen, children, teenagers, family members or friends. Make custom decorations for clothes, bags and key chains, rope ties, bottle openers, artworks, gift packages, envelopes, memory books, greeting cards, gift labels, scrapbooks, cards, decorations and any paper crafts.

5. Easy to use, accurate and precise performance-Print pictures on standard paper. Use a simple and convenient circular cutting machine punch to cut the pictures into appropriate sizes. Picture size should be the same as transparent polyester film. Set the bottom and top molds of the 58mm badge on the button machine, and put the badge metal cover into the cover mold and picture. Place the transparent film on the picture and press the badge of the machine handle. Add metal pin backing on the bottom cover mold, and emboss the badge on the machine handle.

Technical Details

Additional Information

Packing size: 13.78×12.59×15.35in

Weight: 35.27lb

List of accessories: button machine, button die, 500 sets of badge materials, a simple plastic circle cutter, and a tool wrench

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