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JPT 50W Portable Fiber Laser Marking Engraving Machine EZCad FDA for metal and more

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1. Laser source and power: JPT 50W  fiber laser 

2. Laser wavelength: 1064nm;Power supply: 110V / 60Hz  Certification: FDA certified

3. Marking area: 110mm × 110mm (4.3'' × 4.3'')  You can also choose other working ranges : 175mm x 175mm (6.9'' x 6.9'') & 200mm x 200mm (7.9'' x 7.9'') 

4. Control software: Ezcad.The software is more stable and reliable and can help you operate better. The software is suitable for Win7,  32Bit

5.  Simple to learn, easy to get started. Mark according to demand. Laser marking can be performed on aluminum, stainless steel, iron, and some plastics. 

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JPT 50W Portable Fiber Laser Marking Engraving Machine EZCad FDA for metal and more

Product Description

Working Principle

Akeme fiber laser marking machine is the most advanced laser marking equipment in the world currently, it has the characteristics of good beam quality, small size, fast speed, long working life, flexible and convenient installation, and maintenance-free. Fiber laser uses ytterbium-doped double-clad fiber as the laser medium and is pumped by a high-power multi-mode laser diode to generate laser light. The fiber laser is used to output the laser, and then the high-speed scanning galvanometer is controlled by a computer to change the laser beam optical path to realize automatic marking.

Product Advantages

Fully enclosed maintenance-free fixed laser optical system.

The light spot beam is fine, good quality, stable power, long machine life and low energy consumption.

The marking speed is faster and more precise, the marking position is more precise, and the printing effect is finer.

Light weight and small size, it can be used in many occasions.

Suitable for printing small and medium-sized workpieces.


Widely used in integrated circuit chips, computer accessories, industrial bearings, clocks, electronic and communication products, aerospace devices, various auto parts, home appliances, hardware tools, molds, wires and cables, food packaging, jewelry, tobacco, and military affairs, automobiles Parts, hydraulic pump valves, hardware tools, mold processing. Petroleum pipe fittings, hardware products, integrated circuits, IT electronic products, instrumentation, precision equipment, medical equipment, tobacco industry, pharmaceutical industry, food industry, aerospace, military electronics, craft gifts and many other metal and non-metal fields as well as mass production lines operation.

Effect Pictures

Technical Details

Laser Power


Laser Wave-length


Beam Diameter


Frequency Adjustable Range

20 - 200KHz

Standard Marking Area

110mm × 110mm (4.3'' × 4.3'')

Marking Depth

<0.7 mm (<0.027")

Marking Speed

<8000 mm/s (<315"/s)

Maximum Pulse Energy


Full Power Frequency Range

40 - 600KHz

Polarization Direction


Power Adjustment Range

0 - 100%

Power Supply

110V+10% / 60Hz / 4A

Output Power Stability


Cooling Mode

air cooling

Control Link


Laser Size

325mm × 260mm × 75mm (12.8" × 10.2" × 2.9")

Additional Information

In accordance with the SGS ISO9001 quality control system, International AS audit requirements and the company's production standards, the company strictly controls all aspects of parts purchase, processing, quality inspection, and shipment to ensure the performance and quality of the shipped products. The most of products have passed the EU CE certification.

Before signing the contract, the company provides customer with various production process plans, and provides services such as laser equipment technical consultation and equipment selection etc.

Customer Consultation and Service response within 24 hours.

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